Mercury: Lista de Peças GCC


Parts Number Peça
12170001G Laser Power Meter
20200059G Prism mounts Assembly.
20600016G Y motor Belt.
20600020G Rotary Kit Belt(290-2GT-W6)
20600021G Rotary Kit Belt(176-2GT-W6)
20600023G X Motor Belt(2GT-160-6)
20600024G Z-axis belt.(5GT-2910-9)
20600025G Y-axis belt.(2GT-1294-12)
20600026G X-axis belt.(2GT-1764-10)
20900082G Rotary Kit Cable (Female)
20900083 Rotary Kit Cable(Male)
20900377G X Motor Flat Cable
20900398G AC Cable(USA)
20900403G AC Power Cable(CE)
20900446G Laser Control Panel Wiring(Mercury I)
20900628G Signal cable for auto focus to X axis PCB(Mercury)
20901350G KEYBOARD CABLE(Mercury II)
21500021G Flash Rom
22000045G Magnet MC-12
22800144G Y Rail
22800630G Air nozzle
22800641G X Rail
22801939G Engraving Platform (Mercury)
23300385G X tube chain.
23400015G Control panel sticker.
23400017G Control panel sticker(Mercury II&Explorer)
24100170G PC window.
24500003G Laser power supply (Mercury100W&NeptuneI)
24500021G Power supply (110V-600W/220V-800W-48C DC power)
24500032G Power supply ALS-800-30C(Asner 800W/30V- Synrad V30)
24500042G power supply 320W-30V (SP-320-30)(Synrad 12W)
24500043G Power Supply (Synrad, 600W/30V)- Mercury & Spirit
25700008G Level Limited Switch
25700014G ON/OFF SW
25700015G Magnetic Switch
26500165G Window Handle.
26500166G Window Hinge.
26500239G Y tube chain.
26500693G Window Cylinder.(5kg)
29000074 50W Wiring PCB, Mercury
29000077 Laser Control PCB (Mercury 100W/Rofin)
29000173G Rotary Kit Motor
29000208G Control panel Assembly. (Mercury)
29000210G Magnet switch Assembly
29000266 Rofin 100W laser diagnostic plug
29000272G X-axis pulley (right)
29000276G X Motor PCB (Mercury I/Venus I)
29000305G Auto focus PCB (Mercury/Venus/Explorer)
29000796 Fan Upgrade Assembly
29000851G Power Board(Mercury I)
29000875G Control panel PCB Assembly(Mercury I)
29000877G Laser Control Wiring PCB, Mercury (Synrad)
29000884G 25/30W Wiring PCB for tube (Mercury/Venus/LaserPro)
29000908G Main Board.(Mercury I 12w-50w/V/J)
29001105G Small Roller Assembly (Black)
29001108G Auto focus pin Assembly.
29001112G DU Roller Assembly
29001135G Y motor Assembly.
29001139G X-axis idel pulley for Mercury (left)
29001140G X motor Assembly
29001141G Z motor Assembly. (Mercury)
29001150 Main Board. (Mercury 100W)
29001191G Mercury carriage assembly (mirror & lens not included)
29001214G Deos Laser Control PCB (Mercury)
29001488G Power board(Mercury II)
29002873G Red pointer Assembly. (M/V)
29004370G X Motor PCB(Mercury II/Venus II)
29004372G MercuryⅡ Y-AXIS MOTOR
29005144G Mercury II mainboard with Mercury II firmware (for Service)
29005351G Explorer & Mercury II Keyboard Assembly (8051 F340)
29005488G X Ruler
29005489G Y Ruler
40100037 Push-Pull tension gauge
49000001 Belt tension meter for Mercury. (pushing)
49000002 Belt tension meter. (pulling)
29001101G 1.5″ Lens
290073600G 2.0″ Lens
29001103G 2.5″ Lens
29001104G 4.0″ Lens
290073380G 0.75″ The 1st Mirror
29001144G 0.75″ The 2nd & 3rd Mirror
29001107G 1″ Carrage Mirror
29001051G Rotary Attachment
29002603G 1.5″ & 2.0″ Focus tool
29002606G 2.5″ Focus Tool
29002604G 4.0″ Focus Tool

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