Puma: Lista de Peças GCC


Parts Number Peça
20200003G Pinch roller wheel
20600032 Connectic Belt for Lynx (2GT-W9-L30)
20600033 X-axis blet, PumaI 30/60(2GT-W10-L190)
20600034G Y axis carriage belt for PumaII 60(2GT-L1548-W9)
20600035G Connectic Belt for Lynx (2GT-W9-L30)
20600036 Y axis carriage Belt (Lynx 30/PumaI 30)
20600037 Y axis carriage belt for Puma II 30(2GT-L1030-W9)
20600038G Y axis carriage Belt. (Lynx 132/PumaII 132)
20600039G X-axis blet for Puma II (2GT-W10-L224)
20600066 Y axis carriage belt (Lynx 60/Puma I 60)
20700029G Bearingb MR84ZZ.
20900165G Cable of M/B to control panel 14Pin/35cm (SY003-717(LF))
20900376 Flat Cable.(Lynx 30,60/PumaI 30,60)
20900389 Flat cable for PumaII 132(16 pin,1810mm)
20900390 Flat cable for PumII 30/60(16 pin ,1010mm)
21500021G Flash Rom
22300004G Fuse, Holder Type.
22800710G Carrier guide roller, flute-DU Type.
23400018G Control Panel Sticker
23400024G Control Panel Sticker – Puma III
24100183G Lynx Cam Roller
24100257G Left Cover (Puma)
24100292G Carriage cover (Puma)
24100332G Right Cover (Puma)
24100333G Puma Lever.
24100357G Control Panel Base (Puma)
24100490G control panel seat – Puma III
24100491G Right Cover (Puma III)
24100499G Left Cover (Puma III)
25600011G paper sensor
25700002G Lever Switch
25700004G ON/OFF Power Switch
25700013 Voltage Regulatory on/off Switch
26100003 Voltage Regulatory (Lynx30,60/PumaI30,60,PumaII30)
29000568G A roller Assembly (Jaguar)
29000864 Main Board (Lynx 60/30.PumaI)
29000866G Pen Force PCB Assembly (Lynx/Puma I)
29000869 Carriage PCB Assembly.(Lynx 60, 132 /PumaI 60)
29000871G Control panel PCB Assembly.
29000956G Roll Holder Flange.
29001437G Pinch roller Assembly.
29001484G Carriage PCB Assembly (Puma II 30/60)
29001488G Power board (PumaII 60/132)
29001549G Carriage PCB Assembly (Puma II 132)
29001549G Carriage PCB Assembly (Puma II 132)
29001552G Flat Cable Assembly Puma II & III 132. (181CM)
29002289 Puma II 30 Main Board
29002613G Carriage Assembly without PCB (Puma)
29002748G Control panel Assembly (Puma)
29003340 Carriage PCB Assembly (PumaI 30)
29003401G Flat Cable Assembly.(101CM) – Sable
29003809 X-Axis Motor Assembly – Puma I / Puma II 30 & Bobcat 30
29003810G X-Axis Motor Assembly – Puma II60 & Bobcat60
29003812G Y Motor Assembly – Puma II & Bobcat
29003821G X-Axis Motor Assembly (PumaII 132)
29004514G AASII carriage PCB assembly – Puma III
29004690G Carriage assembly(Puma III )
29004692G Control panel Assembly (Puma III)
29005210G Carrier guide roller(DU type)Assembly For Service – Puma II&Sable&Bengal&Bobcat
29005210G Carrier guide roller(DU type)Assembly For Service – Puma II&Sable&Bengal&Bobcat
29005258G Control Panel PCB assembly(LMC-STC2A20DRG-011) – Jaguar II/ III / IV & Puma III & Vogue
29005344G Watch dog board Assembly – Puma III
29005379G 2 in 1 Cutter main board with Puma III firmware (for Service) – Puma III
29005382G AAS II sensor assembly with bracket (CS only)
29005383G 2 in 1 Cutter main board with Puma II firmware (for Service)
49000010 Y axis belt tenion gauge (Puma)

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